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The Assembly process of Electronic boards
The assembly process is one of the most important factors regarding the quality of the final product. The electronic world changing and developing rapidly and the soldering process is not so for granted as it uses to be. The need to compress more functions in a less space is driving the Electronic industry to use smaller components. For those components, we must adjust the working window process in order to make sure we have the good and wanted results.
The Influence of the Environment.  
The demand to exclude Lead out of the process according to RoHS, is driving the Electronic production industry to make changes in most of the assembly parameters. The new alloy affects the whole processes involved. Sometimes, the environment forces changing like: Cleaning, Coating. It means that designers have to consider all factors during the preliminary and system design, they have to make sure that DFM considerations will take place.
Process Engineering and Technology.
The parameters regarding the assembly process, are analog continues and not "digital". It means that the physical properties involved in the process will not behave as in digital logic. This fact can affect our ability to understand failures in the process. One can try solving process problems by trial and error, for example by changing materials or machine parameters. Anyway, the key to success is very much connected with the knowledge and experience in the field, and with our ability to investigate the failures. Efficient process engineering must have a combination of basic knowledge, experience and ability to ask the right questions. Those are road stones which help us ask the right questions, but more important, to know how to answer.
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