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Assembly Lines characterization
The automatic assembly line includes several machines connected in line. The process must be fully synchronized, in order to achieve maximum quantity in the best possible quality. The decisions for the right equipment are very much related to the product kinds that have to be assembled. For example: among the considerations for choosing the suitable P&P machine, we must consider parameters such as: speed, accuracy, number of feeders, and the user interface between the machine and the worker. Every machine in the line, request specific way of treatment in order to make sure that the whole line will work efficiently. Also, we must consider the off-line machines such as: Testing and rework. ES – Technology advice for the suitable production line as well as off-line machine such as: AOI, Rework and Testing QC.
Process Engineering
  1. Process Parameters: Beyond the production line, we have to consider all the relevant parameters regarding the process, for example: stencil types, temperature profiles, cleaning profiles, and also design parameters such as SMDs lands and electrical clearance.
  2. Materials: The electronic production industries, uses wide spectrum of materials such as: solder pastes, adhesives, insulations materials, casting. Every application must have the suitable materials.
  3. Production File: the production file is important road stone for every electronic board. Usually it includes all the relevant information regarding the assembly process of the product. That file must be written in such a way that it will be understud for the workers. ES – Technology advice for appropriate production files and can write production files if necessary.
  4. Reports: ES – Technology advice and write any kind of necessary report including failure reports or on any issue regarding electronic production processes.
  5. Design of mechanical Fixtures: some of the processes require special mechanical adapters in order to assemble the product. ES – Technology advice for planning the adapters and implement them in the production line.
Failure Analysis
  1. Analysis for process failure in FAI. We advice for the suitable parameters and optimize the assembly process. Beyond that, there are failures discovered in later stages. There are many reasons can caused a problems, sometimes it is related to the soldering process and also can be related to the components.
  2. X-Ray Analysis: Most of the assemblers uses X-Ray machine for testing hidden solder joints such as BGA components. The X-ray technology is suitable not only for BGA, but also for connectors and QFNs. ES – Technology advice for interpretations of X-Ray pictures and train workers on the X-Ray machine. 
  3. Failure of electronic components: sometimes, the failure happened because of components damage or PCB damage for example: Black Pad.

  4. Models examinations and cross sections: when the cause of the problem is not visible- cross sections can be done and analyzed.   
Special Professional Teaching:
  1. Teaching SMT and TH technologies. Specific training for any subject regarding electronic production process. Frontal seminars and workmanship training for groups or individuals.
  2. IPC: Training for CIS certifications for IPC-610D.

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